The Daily 5

April 7, 2021: Introducing the Daily 5

I am reading How to Develop Your ESP Power by Jane Roberts. Her book is easy to follow and has exercises that Ms. Roberts used to develop her ESP. One exercise is for developing precognition. Precognition is knowing of events before they happen.

Ms. Roberts’ exercise is to write down the first 5 words that come to your mind. She says to do this everyday, but don’t constantly check to see if the words “come true”. Roberts gives examples of her precognitive practice and her results, too. She says that we are all naturally precognitive and that it, and ESP in general, is a part of human nature.

To be honest, I am only mildly interested in foretelling events. But since the exercise is easy and takes less than 5 minutes, I am trying it out. Here are my 5 words for today: Might, Right, Tight, Sight, Bite.

Looks like I was in the mood to rhyme.

Thanks for reading!

April 12,2021:

My five words:
Spiritual, seltzer, water, epic, locus.

I like easy experiments.. This one is so easy, that it’s easy to forget.

Thanks for reading!

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Leo, ESP Guy

April 13, 2021:

Hi Everybody!

Today’s five precognitive words:

Isle, pedal, medal, sheikh, offers

From the mind of…

Leo, ESP Guy

April 14, 2021:

Here’s my the list of 5 words that wanted to come out and play the precognitive word game!

Facile, Meaning, Sorrow, Pigeon, Death.

What are your words of the day?

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April 15, 2021

Concentrate, Certainty, Alarm, About, New.

April 16, 2021:

animus, black, owning, organ, cuff link.

I know cuff link is 2 words. But it is one object! 🙂

April 17, 2021:

Congestion, Neptune, nature, wallet, Zhivago.

April 18, 2021:

Captain, weasel, morph, sing, time.

April 19, 2021:

Pine, cone, lice, slice, gigolo.

April 20, 2021:

Scotch, kill, grading, raiding, soup.

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