Automatic Writing

This is the space for my automatic writing experiment.

Once or twice a week, I will try not to consciously write. I will let my subconscious do the writing.

My ninth automatic writing
automatic writing #9

Today’s automatic writing sample took up 2 sheets of paper. This was not planned. When my hand stopped moving on page one, I wondered if I should get a second sheet of paper. I got it, and my hand started to move on the new sheet. I may get a large pad of newsprint paper so I can enjoy a big writing area.

automatic writing 6
The sixth automatic writing experiment.

You know, it crossed my mind not to post today’s automatic writing result. But to be true to the intuitive, ESP learning process I will post all the details no matter how unimpressive I think they are.

I realize my rational mind is judging my intuitive self. Down Ego, down!

It’s still very early days in this automatic writing experiment. I am convinced that my intuitive, inner self can write a readable sentence. One day. In its own sweet time. 🙂

Fifth automatic sample
Fifth automatic sample

Look Mom, I used a pencil for this Automatic Writing session!

Old Pencil wins the automatic writing contest hands down. No more ink blobs. I achieved a nice inner state for this session.

You might see scribble, but I see intuition coming alive on paper!

Everyone scribbles before they write their first book, right? Enough said!

automatic writing 4
Tired automatic writing

The lesson here is: Experimenting with ESP when my energy is low certainly isn’t the best time. But I wanted to try and this is what I got. My hand barely moved to write.

I am starting to want to use a soft pencil because the markers make large blobs when my hand stops moving and the marker is in contact with the paper.

I closed my eyes during this experiment because I felt tired and really wanted to relax. I forgot that my eyes were open for the other experiments.

I am going to stop typing and go to sleep.

Third automatic handwriting experiment
Third automatic handwriting experiment

The marks on the paper in the photo are very clear, so I don’t have to tell you where to look today!

For this third experiment, I sat comfortably and relaxed my arm and hand. I listened to one of my favorite sounds on my sound app: the crackling campfire. And I set the timer for 20 minutes.

I soon felt my writing hand moving slowly across the paper. I did not look at the paper until the timer went off. It was a little strange to feel my writing hand moving on its own, but I was thinking, “This is sooo cool!”

For comparison, my normal handwriting is visible at the top of the page.

I wonder if my automatic handwriting would get readable over time? Could I write a complete sentence one day? Would the sentence be a message from another dimension? I will try this again because it’s so easy to do an automatic handwriting experiment and show the results here in the blog.

Since you’re reading my blog I assume you’re interested in psychic subjects and ESP. I hope you will experiment with automatic writing. I would love to see your results!

automatic writing 2

See that random mark on the left under the title? Look fast or you’ll miss it! The automatic writing turns out to be a mark even smaller than yesterday’s attempt. I am surprised there isn’t more on the paper because I could feel my hand moving more today than yesterday.

Tomorrow I will try again but with a pencil or colored marker. The pen requires too much pressure to leave a mark. And I am supposed to be relaxed during the experience.


My first attempt at automatic writing
My first attempt at automatic writing

See that crooked line near the bottom left of the paper? It is my first attempt at automatic writing! I can hear you asking, “Hey ESP Guy, what is automatic writing?”

Automatic writing is what happens when you hold a pen or a pencil in your writing hand and let your hand move and write “on its own”. Some people can write entire paragraphs without consciously willing it to happen.

Automatic writing is known, and used, as a form of spirit communication.

In her book, How to Develop Your ESP Power, the late author and trance medium, Jane Roberts, wrote:

Automatic writing is not an unusual occurrence if properly developed.Jane Roberts, How to Develop Your ESP Power

Roberts writes that we should mentally give our subconscious mind the suggestion that it will use our hand to write. Then sit for 20 minutes in a relaxed state. You can watch TV or listen to music. But whatever you do, don’t stare at the paper!

Jane Roberts suggests trying 3 times to see if automatic writing is for you. Roberts’ book includes many exercises we can use to develop ESP. She appears convinced that we all can develop ESP in some way if we don’t stress out about it.

Relaxed is my middle name! I will try automatic writing again and post the results for all to see.

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