8 of Swords

Hi Friends,

Today’s random tarot card draw is the 8 of Swords. It’s an intense looking minor arcana card. The way forward is blocked by all those swords that I am assuming are sharp and not dull. But if you want to imagine they are dull and squeeze by them, be my guest!

I can’t help but notice that the swords are only in front of the figure. He could stand up, retreat a little and go around the swords. He appears to be intentionally taking a time out from dealing with the swords that he stuck in the ground.

Traditionally, the suit of swords are associated with the intellect. The swords are stuck in the ground and not in motion. So I am going to say that I should take a breather and give my intellect a rest and let some emotion and intuition, symbolized by the streams of water, flow freely around me.

This card reminds me to be patient going forward where using my intellect is involved. My intellect is involved in everything!

Thanks to the 8 swords for coming up and reminding to chill.

Thanks for reading, Everyone!

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